About Me


Adventure, Travel, Photography, and some Digital Art to pay the bills…

Given half a chance, I’m somewhere with mountains, or forests, or wilderness, or wildlife, or better yet – all of the above. I love travel, exploring new places, and spending time anywhere that’s past that minimum-required-effort-for-peace-and-tranquility threshold. It’s usually not much more than an hour’s hike away from a given trail-head… just enough so that 90% of people don’t get that far. It’s bliss once you’re there.

I’ve been lucky enough to visit 25 countries so far, 70° North to 5° South , 125° East to 127° West, and have an ever-growing list of places in the must-see column… that list never really seems to do anything but grow. So many places, so little annual leave. Some of them, I would happily go back to time-and-again… there’s some I’d love to move to permanently given the chance (I’m looking at you, Strait of Georgia, BC, Canada), but in the mean time… just gotta’ keep seeing as many as I can!

England, Scotland, Wales, France, Luxembourg, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Norway, Iceland, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Italy, Czech, Austria, Croatia, Serbia, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Indonesia, Bahamas, USA, and Canada. Oh Canada.

High up on the to-do list:
Madagascar, Costa Rica, Sweden, New Zealand, Antarctica



When I’m not able to be out in the wild, sea to one side, mountains to the other, preferably with a bear on the trail up ahead, you’ll find me stuck behind a desk and some screens working away on the latest Digi Monsters projects – usually some hard-surface modelling in Maya & texturing in Substance Painter.

I co-founded The Digi Monsters Ltd  –  A Digital Art Studio for VFX, TV, Film & Games  –  back in 2016 with 3 other colleagues, and am a Director & 3D Artist there as my day-job.

The Digi Monsters
The Digi Monsters Ltd is a full-service Games Artwork & VFX studio.
We are a tight-knit team of specialists who design, create and deliver captivating content for a diverse range of digital industries; from Games to VR/AR to VFX and more.
The Digi Monsters was founded by industry veterans (that’s me, along with the other founders) with decades of experience working for the likes of Activision & Sony, on AAA titles ranging from Call Of Duty to Guitar Hero, and many more. We offer experience and expertise at every point in the pipeline and at any stage of a project cycle from inception, through production to final delivery and marketing. If you have any projects that need some CGI, give us a shout!